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Dispensador de jabón líquido de prensa manual montado en la pared del hotel

Chemical resistant transparent AS plastic cartridge
White & silver (powder coating) are available
Push button convenience, pump pre-measures correct amount each time
Wall mounted
Lockable and theft deterred
Capacity: 1300mL
Dose: 1mL
PackingSize : 450 ×405×410mm
Unit weight: 0.4kg
CTN QTY.: (18pcs) 10.5kg
CTNS of 20'FT: 6300pcs (350 CTNS)
Estado de Disponibilidad:
  • ZYQ130


Products Description
Wall Mounted Soap Dispensercommercial soap dispensers  
Product Description
dishwashing soap dispenser
soap dispenser for bathroom
liquid hand soap dispenser
dish soap dispenser
dishwashing liquid dispenser
dish liquid dispenser

soap dispenser for bathroom

Company Profile

dishwashing liquid dispenser  
liquid hand soap dispenser  
best foaming soap dispenser  
hand soap dispenser  
soap dispenser for bathroom  
Q1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are both a manufacturer and a trading company , we have our own factory and production lines to provide competitive products
with high quality and good price.

We also have professional purchaser to help you with outsourcing for the particular goods.

Q2. Do you accept customized package and logo?

A:Yes, Custom colors and labels require up to a thousand products

Q3.Where is the shipping port?

A:our shipping port are usually Yiwu/ Ningbo/ Shanghai Port.

Q4. Can you accept small order?

A: Yes, We understand that it is not easy for you to order big quantity for a new item, so in the beginning we could accept small
quantity, to help you open your market step by step.

Q5. What is your payment terms?

A: We accept 30%T/T in advance,the balance should be paid in the period of shipment we also accept cash, L/C is available.

Q6. Can you ship cargoes to our address or Amazon warehouse?

A: Yes, we have professional shipper agent ,which have competitive price, it is no problem to send the cargoes to your address.  

dishwashing soap dispenser

dish soap dispenser

dishwashing liquid dispenser

commercial soap dispensers

Buying a Wall Mounted/Manual Press Soap Dispenser

A Manual Press Soap Dispenser is a simple yet efficient way to get a steady stream of dish soap from your bottle. It also makes dishwashing much easier, so it's a great addition to any kitchen.

Some are dishwasher-safe, while others can be cleaned by hand. If yours doesn't have a dishwasher-safe option, you can clean it with warm water and a mild detergent like dish soap or a gentle soap and vinegar solution.

Capacity: Most bottles hold about 16 ounces of soap, but some hold as little as 8 ounces. The capacity of your dispenser is important because it can impact how much soap you use.

Safety: A soap dispenser that's sanitary, durable, and easy to refill can help reduce the risk of illness in your commercial washroom. It's a good idea to choose one that is resistant to corrosion and rust, which means it may be made from stainless steel or ceramic.

Design: When deciding on a soap dispenser, you want to choose something that looks great and is easy to use. You can choose a traditional, classic look or go with a modern, minimalist-style model.

Some people prefer dispensers that have a palm-press or push button design, while others opt for touchless models that eliminate the possibility of contamination. They also offer a higher level of safety for the user, since they don't require the person to touch the pump to dispense the liquid.

A Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser offers a simple, convenient solution to keeping your countertops clean and free of soap residue. They can be installed in a variety of locations, including bathroom sinks, utility room countertops, or shower heads, and are especially useful in smaller spaces that don’t have much counter space to begin with.

Soap Dispensers are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes to suit all types of bathrooms. Contemporary or modern designs often feature sleek, elegant shapes with geometric lines and finishes that blend in with the theme of a new bathroom design.

Traditional or vintage-styled soap dispensers often have curved shapes and designs that fit well with classic or retro-themed bathrooms. They are made of glass or crystal and come in traditional finishes such as polished gold or brass.Mounted Soap Dispenser

The most popular type of commercial soap dispenser is the wall mounted liquid hand soap dispenser. These are designed to be activated by a pump or sensor, and a set amount of liquid soap is dispensed onto each user’s hands. This can be a cost-effective way to keep a washroom looking pristine and clean, and makes it much easier for staff to refill the dispensers at a minimal interval.

For businesses, a wall-mounted soap dispenser can be a critical component of the overall hygiene of a commercial washroom. It’s important to choose a high-quality dispenser that will stand up to heavy use and last through multiple refills, as the quality of the pump is critical to the longevity of the entire unit.


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